Why to choose us


Rush Management provides a quality service to Residential & Commercial clients in Edmonton and surrounding areas. We specializes in Water and Sewer Remediation ( emergency work), Water Damage Restoration, Mold remediation (by third party referral company), residential and commercial Demolition of small projects. We offer 24 hour, 7 day a week emergency services for flood, and sewer backup. We offer complete work from the first emergency attend to all the way through to the final repair including mould detection and removal, and complete demolition of structure, and rebuild. Rush Management also provides the cleanup and janitorial service. Our janitorial services are adaptive to meet the needs of our clients. No job is too big or too small, we are happy to offer quotations on all of our services.

Our company provides all services with the best environmentally friendly solutions and standards.

  • We are constantly working to our greatest potential, to find better ways to reuse materials and to increase the amount of materials recycled. 100%


If Rush Management takes on a project or perform a service, than we execute it on 100%. Our responsibility is to be transparent with our customers and suppliers.

Company’s staff is certified and trained by the IICRC in water and mold remediation, property damage restoration and has IICRC-industry certification.

We do follow our protocol, which makes the health and safety of our customers one of our main concerns.

- We always make sure that you are informed throughout the entire process.
- We work with insurance claims and handling insurance claim from start till client is 100% satisfied and performing all negotiation with insurance company for you.

Our services include:

  • Emergency water damage services
  • Water damage repair
  • Accelerated drying out of water damaged homes
  • Mould remediation by third party referral company
  • Small Demolition projects
  • Debris removal & dumpster services
  • Renovation projects and Restoration projects
  • Mortgage Default Services
  • Property management and maintenance
  • Cleaning & Janitoral services
  • Landscaping services & snow removal services
  • Skid steer services